Kaden is a storyboard artist and 2D animator from San Diego, CA, who enjoys hiking, spoiling his cats, and living vicariously through historical cooking/costuming/lifestyle youtube channels. His transformation into a walking true crime and paranormal encyclopedia is almost complete. He has been described as "a gremlin" with "dad energy" - do with that what you will.

Kaden has worked on some cool stuff since graduating in 2019 - he worked as a Revisionist on "Close Enough" for Cartoon Network, then hopped over to "Solar Opposites" to do revisions, and even helped board an episode. In between these jobs, he contributed 2D animation to the webseries "Ollie and Scoops" and "Helluva Boss" (created by Nico Colaleo and Vivienne Medrano, respectively). Additionally, he was a Story Intern at Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2018. Although he's mostly worked on adult series so far, Kaden is trying to make a career switch to board for kids' TV, his first love and biggest source of inspiration.
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